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 Friday March 17th 2017

Dear prayer supporters,

Last week, I brought a team from Weather Analytics to partner with the University of Bangui to help farmers with meteorological and climate alert. It's was a successful encounter with the administrators of the University who are willing to sign partnership agreement with that organization. The new Rector spoke very highly about CIDEL's ministry within the University. Praise God!
This week I have Mr Henri Minder from Switzerland who came to support CIDEL in the organization of the leadership seminar requested by the Prime Minister, head of the Government to be held in April, 24-27, 2017. All the Ministers and their cabinet (about 80 people) will participate to the seminars. We were received by the Prime Minister in his cabinet last Wednesday and he shared his big picture and dream for the transformation of the leaders and those in position of authority he would like to see. We are excited to work toward the realization of that important project. After that first training, the government will plan several seminars for the leaders of each cabinet and institutions of the State. We need prayers for instructors to join us in conducting those seminars. Some PLI instructors will be contacted but if you are interested and can suggest people in the area of politics that you know who can be part of this program, please let us know.
We also let with the Country Director of the UNDP yesterday about women leadership seminars and university students seminars. He was pleased to learn that there is a national NGO who is doing such work.
Minder will depart home this afternoon and plan to come back on April for the seminar. I appreciate your prayers and support to CIDEL for the success of the seminars.
Together we can make a great different in the lives of leaders.
Augustin Hibaile

 Thursday March 9th 2017

Greetings to all,

Today, I met with the Minister, Director of the Prime Minister cabinet about the request of the Prime Minister for CIDEL to organize a seminar for the members of his government. The dates are April 26 to 29, 2017.
Please pray that the preparation will go well and that we can have funding for that important ministry. The Prime Minister spoke very highly about CIDEL's and PLI's seminars that he has been part of in the past years.

 Monday February 6th 2017


Last Thursday (2/2) Dr. Augustin's hometown of Bocaranga was captured by rebels, the fate of his family unknown. He sent this good news this morning:

"My family is well. God answered your prayers on behalf of my siblings. The news I got is that my mom and other relatives are fine in another village where they fled to protect them from the rebels attack last Thursday in Bocaranga.

"Please continue to pray for their severe humanitarian condition they are in now. People in Bocaranga my home town need food, water, but above all, they want protect and peace.

"Thanks for your support. -- Augustin"

 Thursday February 2nd 2017

Dear prayer worriors,

I just got an email from my wife that Bocaranga, my home town was taken over by rebels this morning and that many people were died. The news came from the Catholic Mission in the town who could only use a Thuraya phone to communicate. The other telephone links were shut down.
No news about my mother and my relatives. Pray, intercede and ask God for intervention. In November 2015 there was a tentative to get there and they are there now. 
Our God is Sovereign and he knows how to protect his children in a difficult time.  I will be going back to Ndjamena tomorrow and depart for Douala on Sunday to be home on Monday.
Much prayers needed now. Thank you!

 Thursday February 2nd 2017



My brother just sent me an email. He said that the situation is a confusion because there is no way to get information since the telephone lines were cut off.

Can you imagine that the blue helmets are in the city and the rebels invaded it without any opposition? that's the sad reality of the UN in these days. Thank you for your prayer support.
I just finished my class with the students in Chad and will depart tomorrow to the capital city.

 Monday January 30th 2017

Dear prayers supporters,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to preach in a church on Daniel's integrity from Daniel 6:1-9. University students who were at the church where invited to meet me in the after. Some on the students came and we taught on the challenges students face at the University against their Christian faith. I share with those students the experience of CIDEL with the students of the University of Bangui in CAR. What a great opportunity to plant seed-truths of the word of God in the mind, heart of those young leaders!
Pray for other students who will meet me during the evenings while I am in Chad until my departure. Praise God I can seize the opportunity of my training ministry trip here to meet students.
Please see attached pictures.

 Tuesday January 24th 2017

Dear prayer supporters,

Since the dedication of the Center of Ethics/chapel at the University of Bangui by the Prime Minister on December 6th and the orientation of 300 students who registered for 13 weeks of training on leadership through the book of Dr Tim Elmore (the Habitudes: images that form the leadership attitude and habitude), CIDEL ministry at the University of Bangui is growing.
On January 25, 2017, the Center will welcome the General Director of the IMF who will speak to the students and professors of the Department of Economic in the conference room. The President of the country also will come to that event held in our Center of Ethics. 
I am currently in Chad for two weeks of training pastors on how to balance their role of head of their family and ministers of the Gospel. Our class begun today till February 4th before I head back home on the 5th of February.
Could you please for the growing opportunity that CIDEL is having especially at the University of Bangui and a request of the chiefs of the village of Boali Poste that invited CIDEL to organize a training to the young people of the village as we did at the village of Boyali. We are only 3 people of the staff of CIDEL working full time. The two are new recruits who have just few experience in the ministry of CIDEL. Please pray that God will provide funding for CIDEL to hire more workers and be able to achieve the activities of this year.
I appreciate your prayers on our behalf and especially for the event that will take place in our Center.

 Friday December 16th 2016


We have a meeting with 60 leaders of the student organizations today to inform them about our ministries among them.

They are very interesting in our program. Please  pray for wisdom.

Attached are some pictures of our encounter.







 Wednesday December 14th 2016

Dear prayer supporters,

God gave me a half day to train a couple of higher officers of our national army on the theme: ethics and leadership - foundation of a republican army.

Praise God that the message was highly accepted as they were challenged to help recreate a trustworthy army for our nation. The training was organized by the Union European Training Mission.

Thanks for your continuous support of our ministry. On Friday CIDEL will have a program with the leaders of the students' organizations to present the variety of the activities we will offer them at the chapel. Pray that the meeting will go well.


 Monday December 12th 2016

The Center for International Development of Ethical Leadership (CIDEL) has dedicated a new chapel on the University of Bangui campus. The ceremony took place on December 5.

The university stands in the capital city of the war-torn Central African Republic, and is central to educating the country’s leaders. Professor Gustavo Bobossi, the former vice rector of the university, had requested a chapel ministry on the campus in 2008, and this year, Encompass World Partners was able to aid the CIDEL in constructing the chapel building.


“This building is God’s work for the good of mankind,” says Professor Bobossi. “For a person is truly valuable for the society only if they are spiritually equipped. The first difficulty I faced in the university world was the lack of spirituality among the university leaders. Having a chapel within the university will allow God to dwell among us and bring the solution to the pain in our country. My prayer is that CIDEL will have the strength to influence these students. The chapel will be a tool to prepare young leaders to be the best for this nation. May God keep CIDEL in its vision for the best of the CAR.”

The dedication took place on the university campus outside the new chapel. Though the president of the CAR was unable to speak, the ceremony was led by CAR’s Prime Minister and many members of parliament and other government officials participated. Dr. Augustin Hibaile, director of CIDEL, called the dedication a success, saying that God was highly praised and that many of the officials were impacted by the message and prayers.

“CIDEL is willing to seize this opportunity given to create a new generation of godly leaders through this ministry at the University of Bangui,” says Dr. Hibaile. “We need a great body of support to make a difference on this university campus.”

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