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 Sunday May 14th 2017

Dear prayer supporters,

Please pray for the family of Pr Gustave Bobossi Serengbe, former Rector of the University of Bangui who has asked CIDEL to build the chapel at the University campus in 2008. Professor Bobossi passed away on April 29, 2017 in France. His body was brought back to Bangui yesterday and will be burried on Monday.
He was very close to me and has requested my spiritual advice many time. We miss a friend with whom I share the word of God.

 Thursday April 27th 2017

Dear friends,
Please praise to God with me for the successful leadership seminars my organization has organized and conducted together with a team from Pointman Leadership Institute. The team came from California, Switzerland, South Africa and Cameroon this week. The cabinet and the national government Ministers heading all the agencies of the national government of the Central African Republic and their senior assistants were the target clients of the seminars. The Prime Minister conducted the opening ceremony and since then has personally attended the entirety of each and every session during the three days. In addition as a personal tribute to Pointman Leadership Institute and CIDEL, the President of the nation of the CAR personally made an unscheduled visit on Wednesday morning 26 April, to encourage all the close to 100 attendees and personally thank all the experts for their willingness to meet with and train the senior members of his government for the best of the country.
Excuse me to bother your with this information, but I am overwhelmed by the good result of this first series of seminars we are offering this week. Tomorrow the team will do the same seminars with the staff of the University as well as the professors until Saturday. We teach on the power of character, the prevention of corruption, governing as Statesmen not politicians, etc.

 Wednesday April 26th 2017

Greetings to all,

Today we trained the members of the government on the prevention of corruption and challenge them to consider their behavior on that issue. We also encourage them to make a strong decision to work hard to prevent corruption in CAR. Again, God has taught to those people in positions of authority through the speech of the instructors.

Please see attached pictures of the event.

Picture 1- speech of the opening ceremony by Augustin Hibaile
Picture2- Augustin sharing idea with the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Picture 3- HE Simplice Mathieu Sarandji, Prime Minister of CAR seating beside Mr Bester

Please pray for my presenting on the topic "Governing as Statesmen not Politicians", a topic develop by my friend Gary Allen. I will present that tomorrow morning before the closing ceremony in the afternoon.





 Tuesday April 25th 2017

Here is a quick note from Augustin: 

The governmental seminar was opened yesterday and the Prime Minister was one of the attendees.  It's was outstanding as to how God used us to challenge those in position to consider their personal change before they can expect any change around them. Today the issue of corruption will be addressed. Please pray! 


 Tuesday April 18th 2017

PLEASE pray for our Augustin. Since last Saturday, he has been in bed, suffering from malaria. He is suffering from some serious side effects from the medication he is taking. He will be seeing a specialist on Thursday.

Urgent prayer is needed as he is the one coordinating the government leadership seminars that will take place next Monday April 24 through Thursday April 27, 2017. In addition, these same seminars will be taught shortly thereafter at the university.

Please pray for God's favor to heal Augustin ASAP so that he can do what needs to be done in the conducting of these very important seminars.

Augustin writes, "I am confident that God will provide the health needed." 

I, too, am confident and I believe God will work through our prayers (2 Corinthians 1:10-11)!


The editor 

 Wednesday April 12th 2017

Praise God,

I had the opportunity to train about 30 military higher officers of the national army. The topic was on Ethics and leadership as the foundation of a republican army. The European Union mission for training has highly appreciated my communication. Some said that they have used part of the information I presented in my communication in their training to nationals here.

Thank you for your prayer support.





 Tuesday April 11th 2017

Please be praying for the following: 
- For Augustin's training with the general officers of the army (CAR) tomorrow.
- For CIDEL's leadership/anti corruption seminars to be conducted to the Ministers, members of the Government from April 24-27, 2017 and with the Leaders of the University from April 28-29, 2017
- For the repair of his veheicle (which has been in the garage for work on four different occaissions and is still not running! Augsutin needs the vehicle for transportation especially during the seminars. 
- For Augustin's strength and health as he leads these seminars and welcomes experts from the USA, Europe, South Africa and Cameroon to assist.
- In addtion, praise God that Augustin's daughter's wedding last Saturday went well. Please pray that their marriage will honor God! 
Thanks for praying for our dear brother! 
Together for the Gospel, 
The Editor 

 Friday March 17th 2017

Dear prayer supporters,

Last week, I brought a team from Weather Analytics to partner with the University of Bangui to help farmers with meteorological and climate alert. It's was a successful encounter with the administrators of the University who are willing to sign partnership agreement with that organization. The new Rector spoke very highly about CIDEL's ministry within the University. Praise God!
This week I have Mr Henri Minder from Switzerland who came to support CIDEL in the organization of the leadership seminar requested by the Prime Minister, head of the Government to be held in April, 24-27, 2017. All the Ministers and their cabinet (about 80 people) will participate to the seminars. We were received by the Prime Minister in his cabinet last Wednesday and he shared his big picture and dream for the transformation of the leaders and those in position of authority he would like to see. We are excited to work toward the realization of that important project. After that first training, the government will plan several seminars for the leaders of each cabinet and institutions of the State. We need prayers for instructors to join us in conducting those seminars. Some PLI instructors will be contacted but if you are interested and can suggest people in the area of politics that you know who can be part of this program, please let us know.
We also let with the Country Director of the UNDP yesterday about women leadership seminars and university students seminars. He was pleased to learn that there is a national NGO who is doing such work.
Minder will depart home this afternoon and plan to come back on April for the seminar. I appreciate your prayers and support to CIDEL for the success of the seminars.
Together we can make a great different in the lives of leaders.
Augustin Hibaile

 Thursday March 9th 2017

Greetings to all,

Today, I met with the Minister, Director of the Prime Minister cabinet about the request of the Prime Minister for CIDEL to organize a seminar for the members of his government. The dates are April 26 to 29, 2017.
Please pray that the preparation will go well and that we can have funding for that important ministry. The Prime Minister spoke very highly about CIDEL's and PLI's seminars that he has been part of in the past years.

 Monday February 6th 2017


Last Thursday (2/2) Dr. Augustin's hometown of Bocaranga was captured by rebels, the fate of his family unknown. He sent this good news this morning:

"My family is well. God answered your prayers on behalf of my siblings. The news I got is that my mom and other relatives are fine in another village where they fled to protect them from the rebels attack last Thursday in Bocaranga.

"Please continue to pray for their severe humanitarian condition they are in now. People in Bocaranga my home town need food, water, but above all, they want protect and peace.

"Thanks for your support. -- Augustin"

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