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 Tuesday December 19th 2017:

Greetings to all,

After 13 weeks of training 647 students in small groups on the Habitudes: images that form the habits and attitudes of leadership by Tim Elmore, 350 who have accomplish all the requirement, received their Certificate of completion last Friday, December 15, 2017 from the Representant of the Rector of the University of Bangui.
The impact of that training is great. A student girl who participated to that training and was a Buddhist ended by accepting Jesus as her personal Savior. Praise God who is bringing many to the eternal life through the ministry of CIDEL.
Please pray that God will continue to provide means for the growing ministry of CIDEL in CAR.

Attached are some pictures of the graduation ceremony.


 Tuesday November 28th 2017:


We just finished five days of the leadership seminars with students' leaders of the University of Bangui on the Power of character. Gerhard and Brett Pointmen youth instructors from South Africa have done an outstanding ministry with the youth program that inspire young leaders with ethical values.
The participants of the seminars have requested that Pointman youth groups be created in CAR. Pray that God will inspire CIDEL to organize small groups of Pointman youth leaders at the University of Bangui, in different churches and different neighborhoods throughout the country. Pray also that God will provide financially for the ministry of CIDEL.
Please see attached pictures of the seminars, the audience with the Prime Minister a Pointman's Alumni. 
The instructors are going back to South Africa this afternoon. Pray for their safe journey back home to Cape Town.

 Wednesday November 15th 2017:

Dear prayer supporters,

Praise God who has allowed us to organize the first prayer breakfast in the CAR in November 7, 2017. After his participation to the Berlin Internationale Gathering for the first time, H.E Simplice Mathieu SARANDJI, Prime minister has decided to launch the Prayer Breakfast in Bangui.

It's was an outstanding event that has seen the participation of all leaders from all the spheres of the authority. The theme was on peace and reconciliation with the help of Jesus of Nazareth. The president, head of the State, the President of the National Assembly and the Prime minister have moderated each section of the program from 9 am to 6pm.

There are good feedback from many people who have appreciated the contributions of Hon. Rudolf Decker from Germany and Henri Minder from Switzerland. Many people are asking that the prayer breakfast be done each year to connect people with God for wisdom to solve the war situation the country is facing for years now.

Thank you all for your prayers. See pictures below of the event.












 Thursday October 26th 2017:


I felt down in our toilet yesterday around 1AM after dizziness. An X-Ray done today revealed that my nose has à minor fracture. Doing Well but hâve some pain.

Appreciate your prayers for me and Marie Helene with all we are facing as the conséquence of thé release of all thé national workers from Encompass.


 Sunday October 15th 2017:


I am together with 10 other Africans including those from Nigeria for the train the training course. Everything is going well here in the Christian camp. Internet is limited and the training is very intensive. I appreciate your prayer for me having to translate all the days long. We only pause for lunch, diner.

Thanks to all!






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